Analog Devices International Unlimited Company

Analog Devices is a key ally helping businesses to accelerate breakthroughs. How? You’ve undoubtedly experienced our innovations firsthand: embedded in cell phone touch screens, voice assistants, car and airplane electronics, mobile patient monitoring and diagnostic tools, and unlocking critical radio technology to deploy 5G networks. We passionately accept engineering’s toughest challenges, whether aiding space travel to Mars or enabling cobots to help people in tomorrow’s factories. All this interaction between human and machine (and soon machine-to-machine) needs to be accomplished in real-time—and we’re there to ensure it. No delays, no downtime, no excuses. And when a single domain expertise is not enough, we cross-pollinate. So our healthcare experts help with driver health monitoring in autonomous vehicles, while communications experts aid in digital robotics. This holistic approach is not thwarted by industry convergence, but in fact thrives on it. Because this is where breakthrough innovation resides, one that has the potential to improve lives and transform our every day for the better.